madeinmiichigan said: hey nicole, i graduate this year and i've been accepted to FIT and another local university where i live. i would go for business, marketing and/or fashion merchandising (sound familiar:) but i have been dating the same guy for three years, i love him, i am super close to my family, and am afraid if i attend FIT i'll get a job in NYC and then it'll be hard to come home.. help! :(

This is going to sound very harsh but at this stage in your life, do NOT make decisions based on other people. You don’t know what’s going to happen. People change and that’s normal. Do you know how many girls would kill to be in your position? Don’t choose lightly.

brazinda-deactivated20131204 said: I was just wondering if you could point me in the direction of a place to purchase good accessories aside from forever21 & urban :)

Shop Jeen (dot) com! Only the best!

ohhappymess said: First off, fabulous blog. I really enjoy reading it! Just a quick question—where did you get your mustache themed iPhone case? I'm in love with it. Thanks!

Hi - thank you! My “case” is from Sociey6. They have some super cute prints. I wouldn’t call it a case, though. In no way does it really protect your phone. I would recommend J.Crew’s cases - they’re protective and really pretty.

tremblingseas-deactivated201306 said: I am needing some reading glasses and i want some great frames, edgy but still sophisticated, where do you suggust?


agirlnamedraven said: Hi Nicole, I love your blog and I really admire you. I would like to know, how did you get so many fans/followers on here? Did it happen slowly or right away? I just started a blog, because, at the moment it seems like the only way to get a head start on the fashion career I want. But it's a little frustrating knowing that only a few people read it. Did you ever have this problem?

Hi there! So, I don’t really have as many followers as everyone thinks. You know, it seems like that because the followers I have are always checking in and stay on what I’m doing. Believe it or not, this time last year I only had 1,000 followers! Crazy, huh? 

However, if you’re blogging because you want people to read, people aren’t going to read. It’s as simple as that. I’d highly suggest trying another route to your “dream career.” Best x

thespoonandfork said: Hi! Where did you find the blue lip stick you sometimes wear?!

The blue one I wore once? It’s actually an eyeshadow. Apply a layer of Vaseline then with your finger, pat the eyeshadow shade you want. 

suchsadeyesyouhave said: I need help choosing what to wear with high waist flare jeans! heels, or flats? i don't know.

It all depends on which allows your jeans to brush the floor without dragging. I have a pair for both. 

san-fran-cisco-past said: There's a possibility I may be going to New York with my boyfriend. I know you've suggested individual things to do before, but do you have any ideas for couples visiting New York? Thanks :)

Aw, how cute! I think a special date night at Bianca should be in order. If it’s not too cold, I would suggest row-boating with hot chocolate in Central Park. I’ve always wanted to do that. Try some museums. Maybe even The Cloisters? I really hope you’re coming when it’s warm, all those things would be ten times more fun.

Have fun, pretty! xx

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