corijay said: Hi Nicole! I was wondering if you had any advice/tips on how to find the perfect pair of jeans? All yours, in all different types, seem to look flawless on you. Whenever I buy any they always end up being too big, too short, etc.. Also, what is your favorite denim brand? Thank you so much. xo

Hi! My advice for jeans:

  • Don’t worry if they’re too long - you can always hem them later
  • Make sure they sit correctly at the hip, through the crotch to seat and around your thighs, especially when you sit (no bunching, no crack)
  • Try different styles, figure out which looks best on you (straight is typically flattering to most)
  • Make sure the wash is right for you and your style
  • Most importantly as a rule of thumb for buying anything: if you’re not 100% on it, don’t waste your money

Favorite: Cheap Monday Tight Skinny Jean $86.19