fuck-yeah-lost said: hey Nicole :) i am really into fashion (i dont want a carer in it though) and I was just wondering if you think the whole "move to NY, get an intership and be fab" cliche was worth it? Me and my sister were discussing how everyone at my school who wants to be in fashion has that plan, thinking it's going to be like devil wears prada or some crap and i was just wondering what you think about that, since you are such a hardworking and high achieving person in fashion.

Haha. A cliche? I don’t get it. I moved to New York because I wanted to and it has been my dream since I can remember. And I’m sure the individuals at your school want to succeed, just as much as anyone else does in fashion. You know, “getting an internship” is part of making it in fashion. You have to start by scrubbing the toilets. 

But like anything, you don’t actually know until you know. And you have to give it a worthwhile shot.