Anonymous said: Hi Nicole - it was me who posted that thing on gomi about your boyfriend's fb. Thank you for calling me out on it - It was really creepy and wrong and I sincerely apologize. My intentions may not have been good (curiosity got the best of me, still wrong) but I definitely would never stand outside your apartment or try and find you in person. I'm sorry that happened to you - it must have been terrifying. Just wanted to say I respect your privacy and am sorry.

A “troll”, in internet slang, is someone who deliberately upsets others by starting arguments or posting unnecessarily inflammatory messages on blogs, chatrooms, or forums. 

Your post:

While a person waiting outside my apartment is beyond terrifying, what really hurts is people who talk just to talk, especially when they are completely ignorant of the subject they’re trying to speak about. I get it, you get curious. We all do. And trust me, I know I am probably the easiest person to make fun of on the internet. But bringing my boyfriend into the conversation is a different story. You created a completely unnecessary conversation that involved someone who has never done anything to you. 

Trust me, I appreciate you saying your sorry. But listen, words hold weight. And actions speak louder than words. I am a person and I have feelings, no matter how “cold” or “brief” I may come across. Imagine if you read something nasty about yourself that someone else wrote, someone who likely doesn’t even know you. It’s fucking gross and sad and really, more than anything, why is it even necessary?

Hey “n00dles” - next time you decide you want to post, maybe consider the other person on the other end may be reading it. And you know what, maybe find something to do that will better the world more than trolling.

cobih said: eeek. tons of questions about you and your boyfriend. not to completely change the subject or anything, but what are your late summer weekend plans looking like? geared to have some fun in the sun while it lasts?

This is my last free weekend before I start working straight through to fashion week so I spent the morning working out and got coffee/breakfast from my favorite spot in the city. Now I’m in a car headed out of town to get fitted for a three day wedding I’m in this week. Tomorrow I’ll probably go to Governors Island or cookout with my friends. Keeping it super low key.

Anonymous said: How long have you been with your current boyfriend if you don't mind me asking? you seem to very private about your personal life, which makes complete sense

We’ve been together for three years. I used to be a lot more public about my personal life but recently I was sent a thread or forum or whatever you’d call it where people were outright saying they were creeping my boyfriend’s Facebook for information about our relationship… which just isn’t cool. In the last three months, I also had a reader wait outside my apartment building for me. It kind of got to a level of ridiculousness that I really needed to retract, which sucks, because I loved sharing every moment. But so it goes.

wh1te-noise said: you. are. so. TONED. is it weird that I'm proud of you after seeing your body transform over the years into what it is today?

Hahahah. Thanks! Not weird at all!!

Anonymous said: That was a pretty cool way for you and your boyfriend to break up. Sad to see you're no longer together because you were both cute, but I hope you're happy and healthy!

We still together, bae. Note: friendship. Not relationship.

Anonymous said: Old fashioneds are the best!

It’s my favorite drink, ha

Anonymous said: Did you go to the street in the ransom note?

I did. I had two old fashioneds and I ended a friendship that was long overdue for ending.

kathrynnn said: I just discovered your blog about two months ago but I've learned SO much from that much time. I'm going to fashion school and everything I follow of yours is such an inspiration and I love following your journey in life and I can't wait to keep following it! Keep it up, you're so awesome

Love you like XO.

Fashion week madness has begun.Blazer // ChaikenSandals // Nanette LeporeBody Chain // Nasty Gal

Fashion week madness has begun.

Blazer // Chaiken
Sandals // Nanette Lepore
Body Chain // Nasty Gal

Anonymous said: how to be nicole loher?

body chain, no make-up, messy hair, fake birkenstocks, obsessed with Prada, 5am work outs, a brat about food, runs on coffee, 60 hours a week in the office, dreams of living on a beach, typical girl shit

nicole // new york

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