Own it, own it, own it, own it.

Own it, own it, own it, own it.

Anonymous said: I'm going through this phase where I've grown very distant from the people I grew really close to over the past few years because I realize that they're not equipped to provide the support that I really need. I'm a junior in college. Thoughts on conquering loneliness?

Learn to be comfortable with yourself.

Tom Ford.

Tom Ford.

saramaemusic said: Do you have any good book recommendations? I need a good read!!

While I was in Paris I read #GIRLBOSS. A great read for #girlpower. But I recommend:

Anonymous said: Where can I find affordable ankle strap heels?


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Lorde - “No Better”

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Anonymous said: Hi Nicole, I'm having trouble finding an outfit for the On The Run Tour please help

There will be a lot of biddies fighting for Jay’s love in 6-inch stilettos and mini-bodycon dresses but trust, you won’t stand a chance when Bey comes on stage. Wear cut offs, a tank and cute flats.

Anonymous said: Any advice for a 17 year old newly graduated from HS with a 4.0+ and no motivation for college at all? Your blog was a HUGE inspiration the past 4 years and I would really appreciate some words of wisdom. I feel like I'm going nowhere.

Don’t be no mediocre. 

But really, if you give up now your life will be much harder in years to come.

Anonymous said: Love you and your blog! Hope you're having a great day and wishing you all the best~ Was just reading your workout routine and I hope you really enjoy your flow today; I dedicate Saturday to yoga too :) The light within me honors the light within you ~

This is so kind. Thank you so much. Enjoy your Saturday & practice today xx

Anonymous said: okay how was BEYONCE?

I actually cried. She is so much more flawless in real life than anyone could ever imagine and her voice is so beautiful. At the very end, her and J sang along to ‘Forever Young’ with videoclips of them in the background AND EVEN INCLUDED THEIR WEDDING + BEYONCE RIGHT AFTER BLUE WAS BORN. I can’t get over it. 

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