Anonymous said: What does it take to do your job?

You’ve gotta be really okay with working 19-hour days.

ellirella said: Nicole, you're the real MVP


Anonymous said: where do you get your hair done? love love love it!!!!!!!

Email me & I’ll kindly give my stylist’s info :)

Anonymous said: Isn't August 2010-August 2014 four years?

I obviously switched out of my math major for a reason 💁

Anonymous said: People insult you and then ask why you are so snarky/short. The nerve. Keep up the awesome work, girl!

Some people don’t ever grow up, they only grow older.

Thanks, b xo

uhhnothanks said: meep hello getting my haircut today and i always go for 1960 blunt bangs since i was like 17 (22 now) but i grew them out and now showing my hair stylist one of your hair selfies for something new to look a little more sleek hopefully you don't hate that etc., etc. xo

Hahahaa this is amazing! My stylist does super beachy and choppy layers. If they take the ends of your hair and cut several “V”s into the into the bottom if that makes sense? It ends up giving the ends a super beachy and messy vibe naturally so maintaining is minimal.


Anonymous said: You'd fit perfectly in Williamsburg! The place where all the trust fund babies who try so hard to dress like bums should I say "effortlessly chic" live! #fuckinghipsters #posers


alaskannoserub said: Seriously you two look amazing!

Oh, you guys!!!!

Anonymous said: you've been in Manhattan 5 years??

Crazy how time flies, huh?

eloquent-yet-chaotic said: you two look flawless in that photo.

Thanks, b.

- N & S

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