nicolejanelle said: Oops! Do you eat any dairy?!

Not really anymore :(

Anonymous said: Do you ever have cheat nights? Have a bunch of pizza, or frys, or whatever, once in a while?

I used to… But not often anymore. I just don’t enjoy those things; they make me feel pretty terrible.

Anonymous said: Hi Nicole! The hardest part about eating healthy for me is the cooking and time it takes to prepare a delicious whole meal. What are some of your quick, healthy go to meals for breakfast lunch and dinner?

Hi there!

Lately I’ve been really lazy so I kind of just throw all my favorite ingredients into a bowl and call it a meal, haha.

Post workout/for breakfast I’ll have a green juice or smoothie and a handful of raw nuts.

For lunch I’ll have roasted chickpeas or broiled fish with asparagus, Brussels sprouts and a green salad with balsamic vinegar.

And dinner is usually just a kale salad massaged with avocado and tossed with beets and carrots.

I’m pretty snacky too so I like rice cakes with almond butter, fruit, veggies and hummus and raw nuts.

Anonymous said: How many messages are in your tumblr inbox rn

Way too many? Over 7k? Sorry if I don’t get to you :(

Anonymous said: It seems like something's changed in you recently. Is everything okay? I don't want to push or be nosy, but I've been following you a while and it just seems like maybe you're not as happy now as you used to be. Hope all is well xo

I am actually the best I’ve ever been. Just a bit more selective about what I post online. Thanks for the concern, bae xx

Anonymous said: i used to be a strong independent girl who didn't need a man, but then I fell deeply for someone who no longer wants me and I can't get back my old mentality. What would Nicole Loher do? WWNLD

I don’t really believe in relationships or love so “Nicole Loher” would never even get into that situation.

Depending on someone else for acceptance is dangerous. Realize how awesome you are without another. Realizing your self worth is one of the most empowering feelings ever. xx

Anonymous said: I'm moving to New York in the next month and I have been job hunting for a graphic design position. When I'm asked how much I'm looking for in terms of money, I don't know what to say! About how much does somebody need to make to live reasonably in the city?

Over $40k and ask for $20k more than you think you’ll need. You may think I sound crazy but you’ll thank me. XO

boxed-dreams said: Do you have any tattoos?

Two in the works :)

Anonymous said: How would you describe your personality? How would would your peers describe you?

My peers hate me and I’m incredibly self-deprecating.

Anonymous said: Can't believe you're coming in our class. When our professor at the summer program at fit said it, I internally started screaming!

See you on Wednesday :)

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