Anonymous said: how to be nicole loher?

body chain, no make-up, messy hair, fake birkenstocks, obsessed with Prada, 5am work outs, a brat about food, runs on coffee, 60 hours a week in the office, dreams of living on a beach, typical girl shit

Anonymous said: how to survive high school?

Realize that people don’t grow up, they only get older.

Anonymous said: whats a DAY IN YOUR LIFE like (in terms of WORKING FOR NANETTE LEPORE?)

Well I just spent 12 hours in the office and now I’m on my way to Nanette’s to style for a segment on a TV show tomorrow morning then I’ll be at on-set at the studio at 7AM so life is great and crazy and I couldn’t be happier.

Was that the greatest run-on sentence ever or what?



Anonymous said: do you feel an obligation to help people who ask you for advice?

Not an obligation but I really love helping people.

Anonymous said: What's your sun sign? Just curious :)

I’m an Aries!

Anonymous said: Being a public figure on instagram/twitter/tumblr, how do you protect your privacy from the crazies?

I put blue Post-Its over my address and phone number.

I actually did have one follower hang around the front of my apartment for awhile though, which was actually very scary.

Anonymous said: i get the curiosity about your personal life...but some people really need to just back up. you seem stoked isnt that all thats really important?

I don’t even know anymore but what makes me really sad is how vested people feel in what I post…online. I’m 21. I fuck up. I’m selfish. Most things I do are wrong and I don’t know that much about life. I’m figuring it out and most days, when I think that’s okay, I get backlash that it isn’t.

I am stoked and I love my life. And you’re right, THAT is what should be important.

But fuck it. I’m going to get shit for this post too. “You shouldn’t post about your life if you don’t want people to comment on it.” Whatever.

This message was much needed. Thank you. xox

Anonymous said: hey nicole, what kind of subscription do you have to wwd? i can't decide between print or online. or do you suggest both? thanks xx

I have both but to be honest, digital is enough. xx


Nicole, straight-up.


Nicole, straight-up.

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