mini skirts & cropped sweaters

mini skirts & cropped sweaters

Anonymous said: What class are you teaching at nyu! You're the best and so lovely.

Hi! Thanks!! I’ll be lecturing on traditional PR vs. digital media :) Can’t wait! 

amaliezinsser said: loveyou.

i love YOU.

Anonymous said: What is your opinion on crop tops? Is there an age limit?

Crop it like it’s hot.

Anonymous said: Hey Nicole I wanted to let you know how inspiring you are. I hope I can accomplish even half of what you have someday. I've been trying to lose weight for months now but seem to fall back into the same routine of eating poorly since I'm always on the run. What would you say is your go to snack and/or how do you keep from eating shit when constantly staying busy. I find it hard to find time to pack lunches. By the way, I think you look great even in your first transformation picture.

Hi there! Wow, this is such a compliment. Thank you! 

You know, I don’t really *snack* anymore. Or, I try not to. When I snack, it makes my meals smaller and previously my snack choices weren’t always the best / I’d always over-snack. In the mornings if I get hungry between breakfast and lunch, I’ll drink 8oz of cold water, a cup of hot tea and a piece of gum. If I get hungry between lunch and dinner I’ll have one of the below:

  • An apple with almond butter
  • A handful of raw almonds/pistachios/cashews
  • 6oz of Greek yogurt topped with a littler diced cucumber/olive oil/salt
  • Celery + hummus 
  • 8oz green juice

I’ve found that making healthy options readily available before hunger strikes really helps :) 

Good luck and keep on xo

Anonymous said: My FIT precollege AMC professor mentioned you today, he said he taught you and also that you had needed college "like you needed a hole in the head" (there is no real point to this message just wanted to tell you)

Tell Ted I said hi.

Anonymous said: How do you feel after you dropped running out of your workout regime? Did running make you more built than lean? I may drop it out of my regime and stick with HIIT as well

I actually really fucked my ankle almost six months ago so I can’t run anymore. It was kind of a blessing in disguise - my joints aren’t being stressed as much as they were everyday and I’m getting the opportunity to try new things and work other parts of my body. Today I picked up an ankle support so I hope that helps and hopefully in 2015 I’ll be able to run my first half marathon!!

Anonymous said: You look absolutely incredible. You've become such an inspiration not only to me but to all of your followers. Thank you for being a reflection of pure hard work and dedication. How do you stay so motivated? What pushes you to keep going and have self-control?

I don’t know. My parents always forced me to be very focused and have goals. It has kind of been a lifelong thing.

Anonymous said: Breakdown of your workouts? You look amazing - so strong and lean!

Hi. Thanks! I’ve answered this already but here it is again:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 30-45 minutes of high intensity interval training via Fitness Blender
Tuesday/Thursday: 30 minutes of arms + abs before bed
Saturday/Sunday: an hour of yoga or pilates

bootsdenimandoneheadlight said: Your drive, ambition, and commitment to obtaining your goals it very admirable. I hope I can instill those qualities in my baby niece when she grows up.

She’s going to be great. Just make sure she’s loved :)

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