Anonymous said: whats your go-to lipstick color?

Right now I’m in love with Nars Audacious Lipstick in Fanny ($32). Better seen: 

empirestylesblog said: Hi Nicole!! I went to the Nannette Lepore show through Marist and just wanted to congratulate you & everyone there for such an amazing show. I never really had Nannette Lepore on my radar besides knowing that you worked there from following your blog/ insta but now I am totally in love with Nannette Lepore!! XO

Yay! So good to hear xoxox

Anonymous said: What's your go-to cocktail?

Old fashioned with rye.

Anonymous said: How do you keep up with the fashion industry? How do you know what's 'in' and what's not.

You read. A lot. And you have to just keep in the streets to see what everyone is wearing + who’s selling what.

Anonymous said: NICOLE I had a job interview today, albeit not fashion-related, I thought about channeling my inner Nicole Loher (working hard, being prepared, and being polite but confident) and I am quite certain that I nailed it. Thank you for your always being a positive and encouraging role model, and for being so exciting to follow on Tumblr!

You are fucking incredible.

Anonymous said: do u have any photos from your beauty pageant days?

Hahahaha. Yessssss. I think there’s one here on my Tumblr from when I won the Miss. Maryland State Ambassador title?

Anonymous said: You work on the same street that I have been interning at for years. On Saturday morning as I was getting ready for our show carrying many garment bags you were walking towards me and I had to do a double take. You looked so glamorous and confident + I just wanted to say that I hope one day I will be able to come across like that, as well. Congrats on the amazing Nanette Lepore show! Xo

This. Is. So. Awesome!! Thank you!!! I actually always joke that I favor a strong walk over strong eye contact, hahah.

And props to you for working on a Saturday. So amazing! Hope your show went well xo

nw10 said: I loved the Nanette show, I'm sure there be lots of positive feedback on social media for you to look through regarding it :-)

Thank you SO(!!!) much. We worked so hard on it. And my hair was the inspiration for the show hair so I’m pretty stoked on that too 

*hair flip emoji*

Anonymous said: your freckles are so so cute

omg you’re so cute.

Anonymous said: What does it take to do your job?

You’ve gotta be really okay with working 19-hour days.

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