Anonymous said: what do you think about tinder?

I’m the type of girl who is way too scared she’ll be murdered for accidentally swiping left (or right??) on a free app.

I also just really love to be romanced the old fashioned way. 

dilemmabovary said: hi Nicole, I hope everything is going well for you and all your adventures. I had a question about your experience learning coding. I think you mentioned taking a class? I was just wondering how you got interested and found resources. I am beginning to look into learning to help market my very academic degree into something more applicable. Any guidance or advice would be amazing! Thank you and best of luck!

Hi there!! My ex is actually incredibly talented/renowned within the field of interactive design and has created some pretty gorgeous digital campaigns that you’ve probably seen here and there. It was really inspiring to watch him work day and night on one problem for months at a time and work through a code, and after x-amount of time, he figured out his problem. He kind of got me started in the realm of coding.

I used Codecademy and just kept practicing/looking at forums when I had questions. I will never be nearly as talented as he is, but it is such a valuable tool to have. 

Anonymous said: so inspiring to see your progress and dedication to healthy living. any tips with getting started? what helped you most when you decided to make it a priority?

There is no real tip other than to find a real reason as to why you want to be healthier and just start. In the past, I had a lot of ups and downs with staying dedicated because there was always a really unattainable goal at the other end (ie. “look good”).

What helped me make health a priority was when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was a real game-changer. Life is so precious and being healthy, as healthy as one can be, is so important.

Anonymous said: how much water you drink in a day ?

I strive for 80-90oz a day.

Anonymous said: What do you use to keep your skin so clear?

Water water water and clean eating!!!

caught midstretch 🙈

caught midstretch 🙈

Anonymous said: Hiya Doll! Was just wondering where you got your coat in the photo with your nike frees? Have a nice day x

Hi there!! The jacket I’m wearing is a one-off silk jacket that was gifted to me by a friend’s company that no longer exists :( I get questions every season about where to find a similar one. This season I would recommend trying:

ohpakeko said: You are extremely lovely. I can spend hours just reading your blog. Hope you'll be able to read this. I love you and your blog. Take care Nicole :)

This is so kind. Have a great Saturday & thank you for reading xx

Anonymous said: If someone wanted to get coffee with you, what's the next step?


but I usually am booked two months out out with freelance, travel and work :(

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